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Zwilling Professional Chef Knife Review

Anyone who enters your kitchen will know you take your cooking seriously when they catch a glimpse of this chef knife on the countertop. You will alert everyone that you have superior standards and don’t settle for less. 

The Zwilling Professional-S Chef Knife comes from a manufacturing giant that specializes in producing professional quality knives. Even though it’ll cost you a pretty penny, you’ll understand the price tag once you chop up your first food item with this knife. 

Keep reading for a detailed look at the Zwilling Chef Knife. 

Zwilling Professional-S Chef's Knife Review


  • Edge Angle: 15 degrees
  • Length: 8-inches
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Zwilling Professional

What sets it apart? 

J.A. Henckels has been around manufacturing world-class knives since the 1700s. It's no surprise the brand has roots in Germany, one of the knife manufacturing centers of the world. Almost 300 years later, the brand's Zwilling seal is well known in any international professional kitchen. 

Zwilling consists of a range of knife models, but the one that stands out is the Professional S series. Henckles actually ranks this Pro-S Chef Knife as their top quality product. French chefs specifically swear by this knife, finding it essential to create the perfect dish. 

Superior Build 

From a single piece of steel, Zwilling forges its Sigmaforge knife. It promises precision since it relies on laser technology to ensure a blade with an edge angle of 15 degrees. A single high carbon steel piece makes up the blade and handle, which emphasizes its durability. 

The blade and handle are reinforced thanks to the bolster that blends them together. The thick bolster comes in handy because it also acts as a finger guard to make sure you don’t cut yourself. 

Henckels sharpening technique stems from a traditional method that places the blade's weight near the handle in order to give you total control over the knife. Those of you who prefer to use a knife leading with the weight of your arm will find this to be the perfect solution. 

The production process involves the steel undergoing heat treatment to reinforce its toughness. Last but not least, don't forget about the Fridour cold treatment that causes the steel to harden due to the drastic change in temperature. The ice-hardening process ensures that the blade is entirely stainless and enhances its resistance towards pitting as well as corrosion. This unique method of refining the blade is what separates the Zwilling seal from the rest. 

Moving onto the handle, the Zwilling Pro-S has a stainless steel body and a triple riveted Novodur finish that gives it a beautiful satin finish. Most eight-inch knives don't weigh as much as the Zwilling Pro-S does since it doesn't contain steel that's as hard. It's no surprise that this high-carbon knife weighs around 9.5 ounces, which is something to keep in mind.

Ask yourself- do you really want to use a knife weighing this much, and will it tire you out after a couple of minutes of using it to chop vegetables. 

Because this knife is so sturdy, it'll be more challenging on your end to cut precisely unless you have the proper arm strength. The bolster features a wide design that makes it easy to grip and doesn't cramp your hand. 

If you’re just starting your kitchen knife collection, the Zwilling Professional-S Chef Knife is your best bet to start with. You would be setting a standard for yourself that would last you a lifetime. 

 Zwilling Professional Chef’s Knife

Insider Thoughts

Buyers love the ease in which they can slice and chop a variety of foods that include everything from cheese, onions, basil, chicken, tomatoes, and much more. 

You'll love the fact that this knife comes with a lifetime warranty. Henckles wants buyers to have faith in its chef knife, so it. 

The Pro-S series comes built with a full bolster, which ensures balance as well as protection. Your hand won’t slip onto the blade because of the full bolster feature. However, the bolster doesn’t allow you to sharpen the edge near it, so you can’t use it in the kitchen. This means there is a limit to what you can cut with this chef knife. 

Buyer Advice

Maintaining the Zwilling Professionals Chef Knife won't become time-consuming. Most people make the mistake of never investing in a chef knife because they don't see themselves maintaining one. Sure, you'll have to sharpen it, but it's a small price to pay to transform your kitchen from bland to professional. 

The Zwilling Professional-S Chef's Knife requires little to no maintenance, so now you don't have an excuse not to buy it. Standard chef knives usually require sharpening after a couple of weeks. We are thrilled to report that this chef knife won't need sharpening for several years to come. 

Make sure to test the sharpness of the blade once you notice it’s becoming difficult to slice through food. You have the option to sharpen it yourself or leave it to a professional. 

Even though kitchen oil and detergents don't negatively impact this knife, you should try cleaning it by hand as much as possible. Throwing it in the dishwasher every once in a while is fine, but only relying on the dishwasher isn't wise. Your blade will need a sharpening sooner when the knife is continually being cleaned in the dishwasher. 

The blade and handle of the Zwilling Professional-S Chef's Knife are made from the same piece of steel, so you don’t have to worry about it deforming as time passes. 

Where can you buy?

Of course, Amazon will have the best deal for the Zwilling Pro-S Chef Knife. We recommend that you do visit the closest store that sells this knife so you can hold it before you order to avoid having to return it if it’s not what you expected. 

If you like what you see and feel, you can order this knife from Amazon for less than $140. The shorter version costs less, so you can purchase the six-inch version. 

2 Zwilling Professional Chef’s Knife

Final Thoughts

Your kitchen and culinary skills require the Zwilling Professional-S Chef Knife. Put some money aside so you can order yours in the future.

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